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Q : If I do not get a reply within 8 days ?

A: If you do not receive a reply within 8 days, for the dates that you require, it means that a place is unavailable for that date. We suggest that you return to our website, and fill in a reservation form for a place on our dry parking otherwise you are put on our waiting list.


Q: What do I do when I receive your mail ?

A: You need to go back to the website, and download the contract, (English version), and send it back by post, and the payment by international bank transfer ; the account details are on the bottom of the contract, within 15 days.


Q: What happens if I do not send it back within the 15 days ?

A: Your booking will be cancelled, as we have so few places in the harbour.


Q: If I have a trailer, can I leave it on the port ?

A: Only if you reserve a place on the dry parking


Q: Where do I send my contract to ?

A: Club Nautique de Doussard, BP 36, 74210 DOUSSARD


Q: When do I receive a confirmation from you ?

A: When we receive your complete application and payment, and when the IBAN has been confirmed by our bank.


Q: Is the port situated near the campsites ?

A: Yes - The port is near "le lac bleu" campsite and the "Nublière" campsite.


Q: What do I do on arrival in the port with my boat ?

A: You come to the Club Nautique Chalet, situated on the port to register, and we will open the barrier for you to drive in to the port.


Q: What are your opening hours ?

A: From 10 o'clock to 6 o'clock every day in July and August, and from 10;00 until 6,00 Tuesday to Sunday in May, June, September and October.


Q: What do I do when I have my boat on the dry parking ?

A: You have to take your bateau in and out of the water with your trailer and car each time you use it.


Q: How do I get in and out of the port every day ?

A: You go to the local town hall on the day you arrive, if you arrive before Saturday lunchtime, and ask for a badge ; there is a 50€ deposit, which is returned on departure from the town hall.the badge will also give you free parking at the port, with a sticker.


Q: If I arrive after opening hours ?

A: You wait until the next day


Q: If I do not receive a confirmation, what should I do ?

A : You send us a mail, do not telephone, because the club is closed until the beginning of May.


Q: May I ask for a place, on the inside or outside of the harbour ?

A: Non, because we only give you your place number on arrival.